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Shut up for a minute and let your customers tell your story.

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Shut up for a minute and let your customers tell your story.

Man with mouth taped closedI was on the phone with a coffee company last week and we were talking about their marketing.

More specifically, I was anxious to talk about how they were telling their story.

Their business is online, but they don’t sell their own coffees. They curate and sell coffees from top roasters across the U.S.

Every day they are dealing with these roasters and, of course, with their customers.

But the story they tell on their website is fairly ordinary and flat.

Same old story you’ll find on a hundred other coffee websites. They are passionate about coffee. They love great coffee roasters. They want to share the best with their customers. And so on.

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Finding the right words for your coffee ecommerce site.

October 15, 2013 by Leave a comment

coffee website copywritingWho writes websites?

Who are these people who sit down and write homepages, category pages, sales pages, blog posts and all the other written content on a typical coffee site?

In the case of small companies it might be the founder of the company who does most of the writing. Or one of his or her employees.

If nobody feels particularly comfortable doing all that writing, maybe a freelancer is brought in to do the heavy lifting. With larger companies, there may be a writer or two employed in-house. Or they may get their ad agency to handle it all.

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