Why you should give your customers a free press pot.

July 30, 2013 by

promotional press potAs I have mentioned in previous posts, one of the challenges faced by quality roasters is that most people brew their coffee in crappy coffee machines.

In other words, most of the drip brewers out there simply aren’t capable of brewing good coffee.

Some get the water temperature wrong. Others get the immersion time wrong. And some do a poor job of spraying the hot water evenly across the basket. Whatever the cause or causes of their failings, these brewers will make your specialty coffee taste only slightly better than Maxwell House.

This is a huge problem. It’s like wineries depending on the buyer to actually make the wine. Wonderful grapes can end up as awful wine. In your case, your wonderful beans can end up as horrible coffee.

This is the first reason why you should send your customers a free press pot, along with clear instructions on how to use it. They’ll be able to truly taste your coffee for the first time, and discover that it’s as good as you say it is…and worth every penny.

The second reason for sending out those free press pots is to expose your customers to the hands-on culture of growing, processing, roasting and brewing specialty coffee. Most of the process, from the tree to the cup, involves people working with their hands and handling the coffee beans.

This is the story you can tell when you send out the press pot. So when people start making coffee by hand, they can feel the connection with all those hands that were involved in bringing the beans to their home. This gives your customers a deeper appreciation of the coffee they drink, and a better understanding of why specialty coffee costs more, and is worth it.

The third reason is that your customers will never forget the company that sent them a free press pot and taught them how to make great coffee. That press pot will not only buy you loyalty, but will also inspire a great deal of conversation among friends, family and neighbors. Not to mention the conversations online through social media.

So…are you going to finish reading this post and then rush off to source a few crates of 8 oz press pots? Sadly, I’ll bet that most companies won’t. They’ll think this is a neat idea, but immediately assume that the price of handing out press pots is too high.

Well, before you dismiss the idea, I think you should look at the math. Price the press pots, look at the unit price, and add shipping. I’m not sure what that price would be, but my guess is that it would be somewhere between $10 and $15.

That’s your investment.

Now look at the return on investment. Let’s say you test this promotion with 1,000 new customers. What if the gift of a press pot led to customers remaining loyal for 50% longer? Or just 25% longer? Would that cover your costs? And what about all the new prospects you would reach through the conversations this promotion would create? And what about all the new customers you would attract?

Do the math and see where it takes you.

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